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Add colors to gray winter days

Martha Taylor-Brown |
If the days are dull in color that doesn't mean you room should be gray too. Choose a vivid piece and capture the summer inside.

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The first idea that comes to mind when we are thinking about adding color to our living space is to find just a few details that will bring light to the space. However, we can choose a completely different approach: We can use colors on each and every part of the room. Here's the example of design based on geometry, with softer walls, and bright and vivid details. Follow this idea and you will design a wonderful room.

Now, let's get back to that one piece. You can embellish your space with one carefully chosen part of furniture and you don't have to be a top designer with a diploma to do that. You may choose a usual chair, for example, with a vivid detail, just like this one by Wicker Furniture. It is made for an outdoor use but it will fit very nicely your interior or, maybe even better, your winter garden. Choose a bright color that complement other colors in your space and that will be enough to lift up the whole space.

To use pillows to make a chair is definitively thinking outside the box or, better to say, outside usual design ideas. If you need just one piece to brighten your space, this might be just the right piece. Fashion D'Autore by Futura features oversized pillow, the fabric with flowing colorful lines, and with so nice organic feel. If you remove the reclining back it becomes a nice ottoman, if you put several together and you have a lounger. This chair would look fantastic in every room you choose.

This vivid stool is made from strong cardboard and it has a weight capacity of 200 kg. You can put several pieces together and even make your own small Dutch Designs' corner. Made in the Netherlands, they weigh less than a kilogram and they are very easy to move around. So, you have a movable piece of design, very useful and bright, so it's up to your imagination where you will put these adorable pieces. You can use it for sitting, to reach for that book on the top shelf, or simply leave it there to be a focal point of your space.

This Alexandria rug is handknotted according to antique weaving techniques established over 150 years ago with more 80 knots per square inch (in Plain English: it's as soft as cloud). This classic piece, exclusive to Fanuli Furniture, is the latest in design trends and destined to be a timeless piece of floor art. Finish is made of New Zealand wool and art silk, and the piece designed in Australia. This piece is hand made in the Orient and you can order color and size. It reminds a bit of 70s but this shouldn't stop you from setting it in any space you see fit.

Oruga pieces have no wood or metal inside, so we could put them in an eco group of products but they are more than that. The material is God-given: even a marker will wipe off with a wet cloth. And now the best part: You can choose from hundreds of fabrics and leathers and colors. Cool, isn't it? But there's more! You can choose your own buttons, trims, zippers, hooks and make a unique combination personalized to your taste up to the last detail. You can even have your name on it and, who knows?, maybe it will be the first piece of your own designer's collection.