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Add flowers to your home without actually adding flowers

Martha Taylor-Brown |
One of the best thing you can do to lift the mood in your home is to add flowers. Or, to be more precise, a floral flair.

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Floral carpets are one of these things that can easily go down the drain if you go too far. However, they are an excellent way of making a visual statement in your home and you can always choose a floral pattern that speaks to you and will enhance your space. Don't go to wild and choose dark floral patterns for your carpet. This will give the strong base that will calm down the whole carpet picture, yet you will enjoy your bright color scheme.

What's so big in your home that you can't miss it? Your chairs, of course. If your chairs are still good and you don't want to change them, change up the look of your old chairs by adding floral chair backs. You can choose the same pattern for all the chairs, that's the sure way to go, or you can choose similar patterns in compatible colors. It's easy to make, cheap, yet it looks stunning.

A nice way to go if you want a floral flair in your home, adding a bit of warm old feeling from your childhood, are floral dishes. They add a fun take to your table by simply having a pattern to look at once you finish your meal. Of course, you will keep those dishes out on display for a floral twist on your dining table. Good thing here is that you simply can't miss: Whatever pattern, colors and flowers you choose, those old-looking dishes will look beautiful.

There is something very classic about having floral wallpaper in your home. Don't worry if this doesn't look like the best idea at first - we admit we saw some terrible cases - but if you don't go too far and stick floral wallpaper on every wall you see you will be good. Choose a wall or two that need some life, go with bigger flowers and you will have a new room instantly. If you're a more modern soul, go with black and white flowers, why not? If it introduces a surprise and WOW! to your room, you have achieved your goal.

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