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An airy elegance: Floor to ceiling windows

Martha Taylor Brown |
Do you like an idea of living in a French castle, without buying one? It's easy: instal floor to ceiling windows.

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One of the main characteristics that will prompt you to say "Wow, that's a luxury home" are floor to ceiling windows. Historically being used in castles, they found their way to modern homes and there are several reasons for that. They bring the outdoor in and that's especially welcome if you live in an area where there are not many sunny days. If you have them, there's an abundance of light in your house or apartment and the border between the nature and interior is erased and views are maximised.

They look good. Floor to ceiling windows simply look good and on the first sight you will say "This looks gorgeous", no matter are they found on an old house or a newly build one. Their height makes the house look taller and more elegant because they make you look up, up, up. And you instantly know you will have a great view sitting in front of it, without being constrained to your room's interior. And that feeling of freedom is priceless. Floor to ceiling windows are often built to take advantage of the surroundings and this is what you will have a lot.

Some would say that their furniture, carpets and curtains loose their color after being exposed to too much sun and you might fear that it will happen to you too. You don't want to block the view for sure. If you have a full wall of floor to ceiling windows, simply place the majority of the furniture on the opposite side of the room. Today there are windows with a protection against intense sun and EV rays. There are even windows with integrated blinds so you don't have to worry about that. And glass can be tinted or mirrored so it's all good on the practical side.

Floor to ceiling windows are fixed and inoperable. But there are versions that can be opened, or with some other type of ventilation. So, the choice is yours. There are also triple glazing windows that minimize the loss of energy and they can be used in passive homes without fear that you will spend a lot of energy. You may have one floor to ceiling window or a whole wall of them, in both cases the change to your house will be stunning. With all colors, shapes and materials available, it is very easy to find something that will fit your home and taste, and convert your "It's same as any other home" into a stunning house in which you will even enjoy watching the rain.

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