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Anne Touraine Paris, a passion for scarves and elegance

Martha Taylor-Brown |
If you are looking for a beautiful gift or a chic addition to your clothes for its fresher look, then Anne Touraine Paris silk scarves are The Way to go.

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After seeing Paris you can only say Paris je T’aime. And there's no better way to celebrate the world’s most romantic city than a delightfully pastel Anne Touraine Paris scarf Misty Rose. If you have been to Paris, you will treasure this silk scarf as a precious souvenir from France. It will remind you of Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River and other spots you loved. If going to Paris is still one of your dreams, this scarf will be a foretaste of the city of love.

From youth to utmost elegance this Anne Touraine silk scarf emphasizes the true spirit of a modern woman. Explore the large array of sophisticated details which makes the charm of this adorable scarf inspired by the French Haute Couture world. Its extremely womanly design will accent casual and dressed up attires as well so it's impossible to imagine a woman that this scarf does not fit gracefully. Wear it as a delicate neck scarf or, to feature its complete and striking design, as a superb silky shoulder wrap.

Silk chiffon scarf Montmartre will remind you of the favorite place of all Parisian artists. And indeed, as there no other place like Montmartre, there's no other creation so visibly inspired by the world's best artists place than this precious extra large silk scarf. Its intricate mosaic pattern explores a complex palette of turquoise blues and greens. This scarf will add the perfect pop of color you need to enhance a black top. Or Little Black Dress. Or jeans. Or a blouse. Or whatevery yout want. Wear it year round with confidence.

Grey and white silk twilly Cannes is a delightfully versatile and trendy accessory which allows many fun and creative styles. You can give your bag a modern twist by wrapping a twilly around the handle, you can wear it as a cute headband or as an adorable mini neck scarf. Tied around your wrist or your ankle for a personalized touch will be a good option too and the options are endless. You can combine them all with an Anne Touraine scarf ring or scarf pendant handcrafted in exotic wood or mother of pearl, and you are ready to shine.