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Armani pens for gentlemen

Martha Taylor-Brown |
E-mail allows very fast communication with people around the world, and it enhances our productivity. But it is cold and without human touch.

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Using e-mail every day it is easy to forget older ways of communication. To be honest, I didn't write anything longer than single A4 page since 1982 when I first time saw an IBM computer. That was revelation and I forgot how to use pen very quickly. Of course, that's a very sad situation.

That's way I applaud to Giorgio Armani and his pens. Armani created the limited-edition collection of fine writing instruments: Giorgio Armani Pens. The first series is named the "Regal" Collection. The style is typical Armani: calculated and knowing, designed with a deliberate recovery of a formal elegance drawn from the past but projected into the present. Giorgio Armani Pens are on sold individually and in special-edition complete sets. I completely agree with the words of the great master: "A handwritten note is today more than ever a sign of etiquette, elegance and sophistication. To carry an iconic pen is a symbol of character and style."

Giorgio Armani enlisted the support of heralded Italian pen maker Tibaldi founded in 1916. Tibaldi implements classical techniques used by the very first watchmakers in the 16th century and incorporates them into their numerous pen designs.

Each pen is decorated with Giorgio Armani's initials on the end of the pen cap and on each fountain pen's rhodium-and-ruthenium-plated solid 18K gold nib. "Regal" pens come in roller ball, ballpoint, and traditional fountain models. Every fine pen connects the etiquette, art of writing and modern design and technologies.

The collection has only 199 numbered pieces. Each pen is presented in a natural or ruthenium plated sterling silver trim. Retail price starts from 2,000 Euros and those pens are worth every cent.

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