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Beauty and freshness of outdoor showers

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Outdoor showers typically offer less privacy than their indoor counterparts but it doesn't have to stop you from making one.

With a little effort and handiwork, a few woodeen planks can be converted into an outdoor shower. Nestled between vining plants, you can get a shower as close as it gets to bathing in a garden. Sturdy wooden planks double as shower walls and towel racks and they give you your privacy. You can use any wood you want, any water pipe you want, and any shower head you want. The paradise for DIY souls.

If you are lucky enough to live in an old house with huge wooden beams and bricks on the floor, you need just one touch to have a spectacular outdoor shower. You can put intricate tiling behind the showerhead to help the fixture stand out as a focal point in the backyard and to cover all those pipes you have on the wall. You don't need to touch those bricks on the floor, they create an easy-to-care-for and nonslip surface.

Talking about privacy, if you have a wall between you and your neighbor, and if it is by chance a stone wall, you are very lucky. The only thing you have to install is a shower head and something below your feet to allow water to flow freely and for you to stand above the mud. And that's it. It's easy, it's not expensive, and the fact that you have a stone outdoor shower will make all your neighbors envy.

Old houses are ideal for experimenting with outdoor showers and fixtures. Got an old cement pier that looks, well, ugly? Excellent! Put a simple garden water hose on the back, a shower head on top and there you are. You just converted a forgotten and ugly part of your backyard and got a rustic place for outdoor showering. Add to that a towel and you have it all: a perfect place to jump on hot summer days, unique and refreshing.

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