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Boffi's thirteen to die for

Martha Taylor-Brown |
For more than 70 years Boffi Company, an Italian manufacturer of luxury kitchen and bathrooms, is a synonym for the best of its class.

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Thanks to the vision of company's leading men, craft perfection and well-known designers, Boffi is the brand name that everybody are inclined to. Phrase "less is more" in Boffi's case tells everything. Their kitchens are reduced to a minimum in order to be able to give us everything: pleasure, simplicity, joy of preparing food and plenty of free space that is ideal meeting place.

Boffi's started kitchen "revolution" by leaving the classic kitchen's L-shape. Their designers had a vision of two central lines that became the basic characteristic of Boffi's kitchen. The first line includes the cooking unit with integrated stove and working surface. Back line serves as a storage space and houses the electric appliances. Boffi offers 13 types of kitchen; each model is minimalistic, but essential in utility.

Case System 2.3 involves innovative, intelligent and minimalistic solutions. It is made of steel, has a light frame made of aluminium, and mechanism which allows the doors to moves silently and softly. In model Case System 2.3 Boffi integrated handles into the doors and that made them invisible so the surface stays flat and clean. System 2.3 is fixed to the floor behind a regular base unit to support low open faced module.

Case System 5.0 is characterised by cooker hood hanged over on thin resistant construction. The base units are constructed with handles recessed into the door and pull out doors. Shimmering surfaces of Case System 5.0 enlarge the room and make it brighter and clearer.

"Factory" has a big zone for storage. The units and walls of Factory line can be equipped with chromium plated wire shelves. The aluminium plinth can be supplied with finished doors in aluminium or glass, or with sliding doors. Large surfaces and clean lines define Factory model.

Grand Chef line appeared in 1984. That is the kitchen that combines a high-tech beauty with a professional devotion. Grand Chef is available in few varieties of finishes (varnishes, stainless steel, lacquers, wood and laminate). Grand Chef's 110mm long worktop can be used with a lot of differently designed sinks and units.

LT model can be incorporated in a classic or contemporary interior. It has various cabinets and you can choose between modern lacquered doors, integrated handles enclosed by aluminium plate, classical doors or light minimalist aluminium doors.

First compact built-in Boffi kitchen appeared in 1963. Boffi's Single model have fixed dimensions and it is ideal for offices, smaller apartments or conference rooms. It is equipped with a heavy-duty drawer, a sink, a hob and spacious storage area. All that in a half a cubic meter.

Table System can be combined with peninsula and it is available with any kind of kitchen cabinets. It looks very modern in wood version although you can chose between aluminium, laminate, setasil and stainless steel version like other Boffi's models.

WK6 (World Kitchen Six) was Boffi's first kitchen to be sold on international market. It is completed by different kitchen cabinets and stainless steel tubes drawers. It has under-mounted base units for oven, equipped with chromium-plated feet or castors.

Behind the name Works hides the model made of stainless steel. That model can be combined and integrated with any of Boffi's kitchens. Along with all units it has separated bins for waste, rolling shutters for worktops, large hoods and shelves. Everything for one pleasant diner mingling.

Xila is classical kitchen available in stainless steel version or in stone, marble, laminate or granite version. The price starts from 25.000 pounds and like any of Boffi's kitchen it is perfect for hedonistic meal with your friends and family. This is a kitchen with soul and it is worth every penny.

Its sister, Xila 2.3, offers different finishes, from anthracite to grey to graphite grey oak. Doors are available in polyester, setasil, veneer graphite grey oak, matt plus, dark oak and more. Xila 2.3 is probably the kitchen with widest range of materials and colours.

Zone kitchen is Boffi's modular system equipped with sliding doors. Peninsula goes in variety of finishes, in wood, aluminium or glass. Doors are available in matt plus version, aluminium, polyester, setasil or wood veneer. Zone comes with all kinds of shelves and drawers which have flapping and sliding opening mechanisms.

Thanks to Italian merry nature, loyalty to family and loud mentality Italian Boffi company produce desirable kitchens like they did it for themselves. The love and warmth that come out of Italian mentality Boffi successfully transfers to its buyers for years. And while phrase "less is more" work perfectly in their luxury products, "more from the heart" is the message which Boffi actually sends to you.