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Dada kitchens, a prime example of functional Italian design

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Dada kitchens are the Italian reference brand for premium kitchens that fit the style of every home.

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Dada Prime kitchen is designed to express the full potential of a recessed opening. It comes in a range of different compositions designed to meet the most sophisticated aesthetic demands and it's almost too good to cook in it. The recess runs seamlessly the length and depth of the product and ends on the side panels, offering ample scope for personalization. Prime has a glass door for wall units and Flair columns, both lit with concealed LED profiles in the sides of the units, and the new system with tapered aluminium shelves. The Prime snack bar completes this great composition.

The Dada Banco kitchen redefines contrasts in materials and is offered mainly in black and white. Its solid extruded aluminium frame supports the thin line of the worktop and that defines the horizontal side of the cabinets. The whole structure remains suspended in air, and is completed by floor standing base units. The island structure supports the base units. The worktop has a minimal but elegant thickness and sets into the aluminium structure, hiding its solid interior.

INDada is a kitchen with a sophisticated, modern look and finishes and materials are in complete harmony. Shapes, materials, colours and new details match in compositions to build a unique, personalised style and a design concept that is a great exercise in style. This is design that will capture your eye but with great emphasize on functionality that every kitchen needs.

The Vela kitchen construction technique uses different materials, compensating the tensions and designing new proportions and distinctive technical details. The new hinged door opening mechanism allows the door to rotate in a particular way. Overlapping of subtle lines on the worktops hide the technology behind the processes. This is a highly capable kitchen hidden behind a wonderful design. A holiday for your eyes.

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