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Exquisite amber tableware from Russia

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Amber is one of the finest materials out there and when Amber Palace put its touch on it you get a truly exquisite tableware.

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Very skilled craftsmen in Amber Palace are true artists, combining amber with other fine materials to get tableware ready to be delivered straight to presidential palaces. With their exquisite design they are distinguished by quality and can give the feeling of aristocracy to any setting. No matter is it a glass, a dish or a cup, you will be amazed how great, unexpected and Russian in the best sense of that word those pieces look. A simple glass made of amber and silver with its shade that can vary from light yellow to chocolate brown is something special you can't see every day.

Amber masters from Russia love to combine amber and silver and they are worthy heirs of house of Fabergé albeit not directly. A "glass of caffeine", as the literal translation of "coffee cup" would be, is a perfect example of two materials that go so well together to create a unique piece of tableware. The silver spoon is embellished with an amber detail, generous in size and made to fit the most luxurious table settings. If there is no glass in stock, you will have to wait for weeks for it to be made. That speaks volumes how much attention to details is in this tableware piece.

Amber tea cup is something special. It is as much an art piece as it is a tableware for everyday use. There is unmistakable sense of royal design combined with 1970s lines and modern design. We know it may be hard to comprehend that such a combination can create something great, but when you see it you will instantly see what we mean. Oval shape with rectangular lines on the spoon go extremely well together. This is without doubt a piece that will make every tea taste better, no matter time of day, occasion or the company you are in.

Along with tea or coffee, you might need sugar and that's why you need amber sugar bowl to make the experience complete. Now, this is something that could fit any fairy tale. And impress your friend no matter how noble they might be. An amber bowl sits in an exquisite holder full of details that really demands fantastic skill to be constructed. This sugar bowl will complete your table settings and make you feel like old Russian royals sipping a cup of coffee in a cold winter night while the fireplace is warm and the family is near.

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