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Fall in love with your mismatched dining room chairs

Martha Taylor-Brown |
When it's time to create true dining experience, don't feel limited by dining room conventions. One of them to be broken is to have all chairs of the same shape and color.

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The right chairs set the mood of the room and their shape and colors say a lot about your personal style. The things is, you and your partner sometimes don't share the same vision about a color or shape, and that can put an additional strain on you. Yes, buying dining chairs can be a daunting and sometimes expensive experience but it doesn't have to be that way. The solution is to have mismatched chairs that may fit nicely in any existing dining room design.

If you are lucky enough to have an old dining set with chairs hidden somewhere, then it's time for DIY because chairs remodeling is one the easiest and funniest projects you can embark upon: all you have to do is to sand and paint them. It's an easy task even for those of you without much experience and the best thing is you can give your designing imagination wings. And along the way, you may find the compromise with your partner.

When choosing a mismatched style, you have two options: go for the the same shape in different colors, or same color and different shapes. Take for example those old grandma's chairs you found: paint them differently and you'll have a vivid design still connected with their shapes. Or, you may have some chairs painted in one color, and others in another color, just be sure that you have those colors or their shades on some other pieces in your dining room.

For those of you with adventurous spirit, there is a third option: mixed shapes, mixed colors. You might think that will be a total mess but it can be very interesting. You can play with motifs and materials - wood, metal or plastic - and with little effort you can find a chair combination that looks fun, different from everything you have but still connected with your space. You may even choose different upholstery or add some fur for a bit of luxury and just watch people choosing a chair that matches their taste.

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