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Fur Caravan's softest real fur for unmatched touch, look and feel

Martha Taylor Brown |
Hand made, meticulously fashioned and with only the softest furs, Fur Caravan’s coats, jackets and vests are in high demand around the globe.

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A bold and unique stylish jacket, made from premium luxury Canadian Lynx fur features a classic bomber design. A jacket with such a distinct design and colour pattern, you won’t know where to look and what to admire first. This jacket features distinctive horizontal tailoring, and a distinctive hand sewn pattern along the sleeves and hem. Canadian lynx fur is the most precious fur in the world. Hunting these animals is limited in aims of retaining the species population and there is only a limited number of skins offered on the market.

A natural Sable Fur jacket will keep you warm and comfortable all day long. In a beautiful shade of chestnut brown, this jacket is a masterpiece of contemporary styling. Combining an elegant notched collar, diagonal tailoring and a stylish shoulder fit, this Sable Fur jacket creates an iconic and fashionable look when worn with bright contrasting trousers and a neutral top. The Russian sable is combined with a lining of premium organic silk to ensure a never ending source of comfort and has been produced and designed by expert Italian craftsmanship.

Premium Russian Barguzin Sable fur provides a layer of warmth, softness and comfort with this iconic poncho. The Russian Sable Poncho is a rich layer of naturally elegant fur that adds an extra dimension to any outfit worn underneath. Not compromising in terms of practicality and style, the poncho features fashionable diagonal tailoring, a regal and elegant standing collar, and deep exterior pockets. All this combines in a look that is uncompromisingly modern whilst still maintaining the beauty and luxury that can only be provided by its soft and delicate Sable Fur.

Made from natural chinchilla fur, a material known for its comfort and softness, this is a jacket that feels as good as it looks; guaranteed to be light on your shoulders and elegant to the touch. Stylish during the day and enigmatic during the night, this mid length poncho style jacket radiates allure and mysticism whenever worn. In natural shimmering shades of black and white that only chinchilla fur can guarantee, this is a jacket that is bound to stand out in any crowd.

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