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Gianfranco Ferré Home, a timeless collection of beautiful pieces

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Gianfranco Ferré Home is the address to visit if you want refined materials, craftsmanship, exclusive design, beauty, and timeless pieces.

Harmony three seater sofa, with velvet upholstery and contrasting piping, a characteristic feature of the Gianfranco Ferré Home furnishings, boasts a timeless design that can fit elegantly into any context. Sinuous shapes and charming waves emphasized by the soft curves of the armrest. Roman design and very clean lines, mixed with simple color scheme, make this piece something that will stand the test of time. If you need just one perfect piece of furniture, this would be it.

We have no idea why this sofa if called Nashville, Louis XV would be more appropriate name. This is a typical classic world reinterpreted in a modern way. The first you will notice are legs in Louis XV style, creating a flowing harmony with the upper part of the sofa. Pied de poul upholstery is something that will never go out of style if executed correctly and Gianfranco Ferré certainly knows how to do it. Sleek line, down to earth but elegant design is something that makes this sofa unique.

If you need something elegant but incline to more modern solution, Alexander modular sofa is something you should consider. This is a piece of furniture that offers the possibility to create different compositions according to the available space and personal taste. Upholstered in blue velvet which functions very nice, and with a large wooden base, this sofa creates a comfortable and visually nice center of your home. This may even be a very welcome addition to a modern office.

Vintage style is in no matter the current style of fashion trend, and you should have at least one vintage furniture piece in your collection. Collins armchair is such a wonderful example of a vintage furniture with its armrests in double chaquard herringbone texture and silk velvet. Its shape recalls good old times but reimagined in a new and modern way it will never be obsolete. This is a pure balance between design, comfort and elegance.

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