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Have your cappuccino in Florence every day. Because you can

Martha Taylor-Brown |
From traditional or baroque to modern geometric or feminine floral, wallpaper is back in style. The best of all - it can instantly transport you to amazing places and optically enlarge your flat.

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Photo wallpapers are not what they used to be. And to be honest, back in 70's there was in fact just one motif - a distant beach with palms. Thankfully, with time they evolved into art of their own and they are now not something that just covers bumps and holes in a wall, now they reflect our mood or the mood we'd want to be in. Photo wallpapers are popular again just because of their versatility: no matter what type of person you are, there is always a wallpaper that reflects your true self.

Among all wallpaper motifs out there, realism is most probably the most stunning one. If you want to enjoy your coffee al fresco without actually going out, sit in some back old Italian street on a sunny day although it's rain outside, choose among numerous motifs or place a photo from one of your unforgettable travels on the wall. Photo wallpaper are there for you to immerse in different place and time just by sitting in front of it.

A wall covered with photo wallpaper will make your room visually bigger and that has another side-effect: you will feel like you are actually there, no matter is it a rainy London bridge, sunny Italy, or dreamy Paris. Very soon, your room will become a place of escape, an instant way to jump from everyday chores and duties to a relaxed small town where they serve great cappuccino and home-made pasta and where you smile all the time although you don't understand a single local word.

Thanks to new methods of productions you don't have to worry what if you spill something on the wall and will it stand the test of time. Demural of the UK uses fine materials and canvases that will last for decades, with vibrant colors that won't fade away. What's even better, if you are not sure what to choose from their gallery, you can give them your own photo and get a unique wallpaper that will be there to remind you of that special moment for years to come.

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