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Interior design de France

Martha Taylor-Brown |
When thinking about French interior design, it is easy to slide into stereotypes and think just about Louis XIV, over-designed decorations and piles of gold. However, French design is much more than that, especially one that combines old history with new influences.

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We will start, of course, with something with its roots deep in the French tradition for its glory days of luxury, kings and queens. With influences that stretch a long way back, this room adopted modern clean lines in some parts of furniture while completely modern sofa and pillows made it very contemporary. Gold is presents, that's obligatory, but just in important details like lamps, and at the same time calm colors make the room less heavy. A masterpiece of old-vs-new connection.

The devil is in the details, they say, and we could add that design is in the details. One beautiful long sofa along the wall and details on the ceiling are enough to bring you back from the street of Paris in 21st century to a king's castle you know from the stories. The point is to avoid the clutter to leave enough space for the light from the street to come in. Color are again bright, and flowers of vivid colors are the final touch of luxury and freshness. Very simple, very beautiful.

But, it is hard to find a large space in Paris. So, small apartments, especially at the top of the old buildings are perfect places to show your creativity. First, the wood is visible and that's the trademark of those small, intimate places. Since France was a country that ruled world, French people are very artistic and you can see examples and objects from several cultures in one place. Take an Africa carpet, bring the kitchen from Italy, order that table from Indonesia! With good eye the final effect will be stunning.

In the example above you saw black wood and now you'll see more black. Black is something that people tend to avoid in furniture but there is no reason for that and you will see a lot of black in French design. Well, not to much to get a room as dark as night, but lot enough to make a bold artistic statement. If you take a few key elements in black and put them in a white room, you have a designer's place just like that. Add a nice painting, few books, and the only thing that's missing is a fresh croissant.

And if you truly want French style, be brave. Mix some historic pieces with very modern art, use black and white, add some very vivid colors, take in any piece you like and create a mix of everything. Sometimes it is hard to believe, but mix of things that each belongs to a different style can create miracles. And remember two key points: a few heavily embellished pieces and a lot of light, that's a must. Other than that, let you imagination flies. You will surprise yourself.

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