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Let the colors shine in retro style

Martha Taylor-Brown |
With just a little effort you can bring the spirit of good, old retro days in your interior. The game of colors will make any space full of smile.

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The good thing about retro interior design is that you can mix it with already existing elements in space. Here the wooden ceiling and tiles on floor got nice companions in shape of retro-looking furniture. The natural color of the wood is complemented with different bright colors of the table, sofa and chairs. Those vivid colors are breathing a new life in the visually static walls and they are giving a lot of light and brightness. Playing with colors and shapes converted a simple open space to a very happy and bright living space.

Although plenty of colors is a must while creating a bit crazy retro design, rules are here to be broken. Sometimes just a few strong colors and one visually strong detail are enough to create a retro look, very interesting but not too heavy on eyes. Several warm colors from the red group are the main focal point in this room and the painting on the wall is that final touch. It's retro as retro can be! Bright wall and the sofa are there to calm the picture down and that's it. Not too many details but plenty of imagination.

Retro look can be achieved even in white. The point is to choose a few details that obviously carry that mid-century look and add small, but colorful details. Thinking like that, even smaller spaces can be converted to a beautiful retro retreat. Be it a small dinning space or just a corner in otherwise differently designed house, there's no doubt that you can get a vivid place that will cheer you up just like that. And don't be afraid to use old things like that white barnyard lamp, it fits perfectly.

Now, kitchen is the place that can be transformed to a retro style very easily, if you stick to some basic ideas. First, play with colors. Try to remember the psychedelic colors from 1970's and you'll get the picture. Set the basic tone you like, green, turquoise or red, never mind, and build on it. If you choose appliances in strong color, add furniture in light color to calm the space down. Kitchen should look colorful but not too much because your chef is spending a good part of the day in it and there shouldn't be too much strain on eyes.

And for those of you in love with the classic American look, this kitchen is the solution. Old bar seating, chrome and red polished surfaces are the way to go. Of course, black and white floor is a must and you are in the middle of a good, old movie. This design can be mixed with modern steel appliances and wall tiles so it doesn't mean you'll have to think very radically. Although it reminds of manly, car-loving space for boys, there's no doubt your gentler half will enjoy this jolly interior too.

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