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Mid-century bedroom ideas are as modern as ever

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Mid-century décor has come a long way since its beginnings. The decorating style came to fame in the 1950s and continues to live with us ever since.

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So, what can you do to bring your bedroom to those glory days of optimistic design? First, put a mid-century nightstand next to your bed. Nightstands are not only quite necessary but they can truly make or break a room. For a mid-century twist, a simple wooden nightstand with two or more cabinets for a functional touch will do the job. You can't make a mistake here really, all 1950s pieces will do and they will instantly bring that mid-century feel to your bedroom.

A modern, chaise lounge chair could be just one the fun elements your bedroom needs. Well, "modern" means "1950s modern." A chaise lounge brings a big impact while adding additional seating in the room. Many times, you want to add a chic seating to your room in order to have another space where you can sit and read a book without sinking directly into your bed to relax. Having additional seating that's not expensive is great when you want to have an extra area for sitting.

One of the main decorating rules when it comes to mid-century décor is keeping a sleek aesthetic. Your furniture items should be minimal yet be effective. You want to take a minimal approach with a little something extra of color, texture and pattern. The sleeker the items, the more furniture pieces you can use. When working with sleek lines you want to have a clean color palette as well. To add some character to the room consider having unique light fixtures.

Platform beds might have taken a step back when it comes to décor, but they are back and bigger than ever. Furthermore, you want to use the same material that was used as part of the platform in a few other decorating pieces to bring the room full-circle. The key is having the rest of the décor feel minimal when compared to the bed. Whether your bed is a high platform or a lower one, you want to add an additional wood element to the room to make your decor complete.

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