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Mirror is back in town

Martha Taylor-Brown |
You can't have too much light in your room and that's why mirrors have their place in every home. But you can do better: Decorating your home with mirrored furniture introduces a modern and elegant flair to any interior.

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Instead of thinking long and wide how to add a touch of glam in your home, you may opt for a simple yet very effective solution: mirrored furniture. A well-placed mirrored chest or drawers will catch everyone's eye with light dancing off it and creating dynamic reflecting every move nearby. What's even better, it can be an interesting, old piece of furniture ready to be thrown away that can get a new life by mirroring. And if you have a steady hand, you can do it yourself.

Mirrored furniture pieces have their practical side: There's no color to peel off, the color will not lose its shine and turn into an ugly yellowish surface you have to redone, the only thing you have to do is to dust it now and then. And there is another good thing: You may always find a piece that works well with the overall design of your room, so it's easy to bring glam and sparkle in without much effort. Start with smaller piece and see how it fits in and then you can start to think bigger.

Mirrored furniture may fit well in any room, from traditional to contemporary, but it works best if you like designer pieces. A room with very clear overall idea and strong personal touch, flirting with kitsch but never crossing into it, will accept mirrored furniture wholeheartedly. If you are redecorating, think about something unusual you have never tried before or hire an interior designer and say just one sentence: "I want mirrored furniture." We bet you will get a stunning design your friends will talk about.

Now, what if you want to redo the whole room but are not willing to go completely "on the other side," if you want to keep some furniture and your style? The solution is to bring in several mirrored pieces, not too big, to make your room look bigger, naturally leading your eyes from one piece of furniture to another. Your room will get a visually dynamic experience, and you can get that effect with just a small coffee table, a drawer and mirrored book table. Done fast, looks beautiful - what's better than that?

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