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Modern farmhouse dining idea that mix tradition and modern styles

Martha Taylor-Brown |
There is something special about farmhouse design. It is about a warm effect that can be used in any home and mixed with modern design.

If you are looking for a charm that only farmhouse design can provide in your home, consider banquette seating. It is all about making the room cozier without breaking the overal design of your home apart. You can create a comfortable eating corner and pair it with modern elements and that works exceptionally well. Add a rug, cushions and even a blanket to further enhance the warm feel in your small farmhouse dining corner.

For a fun twist keep your eating space simple but spice it up with authentic upholstered chairs. With the use of upholstered chairs, you will be able to blend in color and texture all at once and it enables you to get as creative with color as possible. Don’t limit yourself with one style of upholstery, consider bringing in multiple ones for a contrasting hue appeal. You can change up the upholstery depending on what color range you want to use in your dining room.

As always wallpaper will forever remain a part of every desing. No matter what style you prefer having a wallpaper can make a huge difference in the room. For a modern yet farmhouse approach, consider using a soft wallpaper. Though bold and rich ones will work just fine, soft ones are the best when it comes to providing a modern twist. Use a patterned, repetitive wallpaper when you want to add texture and personality to the room. Don't forget to match the colors with your furniture which have to have some wood in it.

Modern decor is loved due to how minimal and simplistic it is. On the other hand, farmhouse design is also minimalistic in its esence. So, when in doubt, go simple. It not only works well but it makes sense to have the room feel grand and open all at once. The idea is to allow your décor to come to life while still being minimal and simple. Use classic farm hues, use just neccessary elements and, of course, bring in a huge wooden table from a cabin.

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