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Modern rustic decorating style blends tradition and functionality

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Rustic décor can look very modern and it's nor reserved only for an old house far away in a remote place. In fact, it can be very chic.

Having the simple act of a farmhouse table in your kitchen can instantly make the room have a rustic touch. The key is working with as much wood as possible and pairing it with butcher block countertops. These two materials will work the room beautifully especially when you want to add a bold rustic touch to your kitchen area. Pair the wood with modern tiling to truly make the room have that sleek contrast. Furthermore, the contrast will embrace the area even if it is small.

If you want an item that is traditional and sleek yet modern and fresh having a bar cart is a way to go. There’s something unfinished about bar carts that screams rustic. You will have the perfect entertaining area for any space. Wherever you place it, there will be an instant rustic touch, that will feel seamless to the room. Stick to lighter wood as the lighter wood gives that modern hint while still retaining that old look.

Everyone knows having a fireplace is key to create a rustic space. However if you want to have a fireplace that is still quite modern yet rustic all at once, bring in a stone fireplace. Stone will get the job done while being modern and fun. While having a stone fireplace might not be as cozy as some think and maybe a bit "too old style", they do provide a second layer of modern allowing you to embrace the room’s new modern feel. Use different colored stones to make an impact where it matters most.

Reclaimed wood not only does look pretty chic in your bathroom, it adds that rustic touch in probably the best way. The lighter the wood the more modern it will appear. Pair your reclaimed wood with brightening and modern touches to make the room feel sleek while creating a contrast that embraces the room, regardless of how big or small it is. If you have a smaller room, we suggest going for a smaller reclaimed wood item, so it doesn’t overpower the room in general.

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