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Porch in accord with your life style

Martha Taylor-Brown |
The porch is a space that connects the outside space with the home's interior and when properly designed it is a beautiful addition which reflects your life style and embellishes the whole house.

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Historical Concepts, design/build firm of Atlanta, Ga., has its roots in the traditional design and classic southern homes and this porch clearly shows it. However, it represent a classic design mixed with a modern, clean approach. The porch has a traditional "haint blue" ceiling, overall feel is very fresh with very light colors, and there is a lot of light coming from all directions. For this kind of porch it is important to pay attention to furniture which also serves as a connection between the outside and inside space.

Tina Govan Architect, an architecture firm based in Raleigh, N.C., made a very interesting porchs that connects inside and outside space and also brings modern elements to more traditional ones. While the wall is not spectacularly exciting, it was brought to life with an interesting color and clean, straight ceiling design, grey floor that emphasizes the color of other elements, and modern round rods. The overall feeling is very modern but it's not over-designed, it follows the rest of the home and fit nicely to its surroundings.

The word Fiorentino in the name of the Fiorentino Group Architects of Portsmouth, N.H., may revoke a memory of Italian origins and this beautiful porch definitively could be placed in any near the beach home in a peaceful Italian southern little old town. The overall feel is totally sea-like, with a blue wall, stone squared columns and carefully designed ceiling which may remind you of a sailing yacht. What's more, this kind of porch design will fit nicely to any home along the riverbank and if you are far away from any water, well, something like this could bring a spirit of sea life to your home.

A wood cabin can be a masterful piece of building art if properly executed. It is hard to find another building type with so much warmth and true home feeling and that's why cabins are loved by many. However, it is not enough just to put some wood up and down, left and right, and say "That's it," there is much more to it. Miller Architects of Montana show how it's done: just the right amount of wood and stone, with all elements carefully planned to provide a shelter from nature elements but still to leave enough open space to bring the nature in.

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