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Spectacular champagne glasses

Martha Taylor-Brown |
The art of producing glasses is probably the most perfected in the area of producing champagne glasses.

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People believe that Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk who lived in 17th century, was the first person who discovered the method for making sparkling wines. Supposedly his intention wasn't to invent a new vine, allegedly he didn't even approve sparkles at all, his only wish was to made equal rival to burgundac. Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, the mistress of Louis XV and also known as Madame de Pompadour, some 50 years later stated that champagne is the only vine after which a woman who drinks it stays beautiful. Champagne becomes the king of all the vines. It is sweet, it sparkles, it is gentle, seductive and stylish.

As Russian caviar is the one and only true caviar in the world and the others are just surrogates, the champagne from France is the only true champagne. Today, to celebrate without glass of champagne is equal to be wed without the rings. Both may pass, but, you know, memories are not the same.

The art of producing glasses is probably the most perfected in the area of producing champagne glasses. For a champagne glass expert says that is better if they inside wall is made not completely smooth, because little cockles help to carbon dioxide free. That feeling when champagne starts to gently tease the nose can be compared to falling in love. Sweet said, didn't it?

Australian designer John Calleija makes most beautiful jewels, but for our story it is not so significant fact. For one Australian businessman he designed one truly luxury product - the par of champagne glasses.

Calleija's Crystal champagne glasses are decorated with 15 carats of white diamonds and 6 carats of the argyle pink diamonds - all in all, there are 1,700 diamonds. The glasses are chiselled out of 8 kilograms block of very rare rock quartz crystal. Each glass is tall over 15 centimetres, each weight 220 grams, and it took three months for five jewellers to make them. The final touch is the finish made of platinum 18 carat white and rose gold.

The result is a pair of astonishingly looking champagne glasses with the price of 400,000 dollars which makes them the most expensive champagne glasses in the world. Or, as his designer likes to say: "They are just spectacular!"

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