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Stunning experience of illuminated furniture

Martha Taylor-Brown |
They say that electricity and water don't mix, but new bathroom products prove the opposite. Mixed in an unexpected way, new LED technologies manage to turn usual bathroom objects into art.

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Illuminated bubble chairs by Rousseau Design, with etched flock pattern and faux fur cushions, are wonderful example of the technology incorporated in great design. LED light source is controlled and color change lighting system synchronizes all four chairs together for the perfect synchronized mood. What's even better, they look great during the day too and that make these chairs a true focal point of your space. Rousseau knows something about light but these bubble chairs are, by our opinion, the best thing they made.

Giancarlo Zema Design Group called their collection of backlit furniture in wood and resin Bright Woods Collection. And indeed, like an enchanted forest of trees that light up at night, this fascinating ethnic collection of tables, seats and lamps uses natural materials like wood scratched by several resin rings that lighten at sunset. Available in several colors, they are ideal for the most exclusive interior decoration, from hotels to nautical furnishing.

Now, let'm move to the bathroom to see how fascinating the game of light and water can be. Stone Forest chose to combine with LED light panels to create their stunning SYNC drop in vessel sinks. The stone is semi transparent and appears to glow from within but is actually illuminated from below the basin. Onyx is naturally translucent, so allows the light to "glow" through. With the sink in your bathroom you'll be tempted to wash yourself only at night. It adds a completely new dimension to your space, a dimension that will make all your friend envy.

And for the end, one of the best bathroom pieces we ever saw. It's so geeky and futuristic, and at the same time so beautifully designed, that will leave you speechless. Aurora collection by Design Libero has bathroom, shower and washbasin, all unique and aesthetically beautiful. The uniqueness and beauty is embodied through smooth, organic shapes and exquisite lighting. This is a great example how new technology can be incorporated in the design, creating something that's more of a sculpture than everyday object.

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