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Tropical rain in your bathroom

Martha Taylor-Brown |
One of the last places where you are alone, bathroom has become a place of true relaxation. To feel truly relaxed you need a large, beautifully designer shower head. Let's look up to see from where the tropical rain is falling.

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For the luxury of your own private deluge within your bathroom, choose a rain showerhead from Prodigg that mimics a tropical rain. According to the effect that you wish to create, heads may be used singly, or in groups for more powerful showering experiences. Square showerheads can massively intensify the experience of a rain shower by leaving no space in between multiple heads. Round or square, both come with very big sizes in up to 600 x 600 mm, and their tempered glass panels are finished with chrome plated or plain brass.

It is the enormous scale of the Ecco Charade rain shower head from Fornara Maulini that makes it so captivating. This rain shower is generously sized, and it is available in a triangular, square, rectangular or round version. This big shower head offers from 90 anti-scale silicone nozzles in the triangular version, or up to 164 in the round head. Of course, the size also varies accordingly, making the different shapes versatile options for those living in tight apartments, or those with plenty of space in the countryside.

Featuring a hydro massage system and fixed or changing chromatherapy lights, the square shower heads from Gessi come in three different sizes including 80x80cm, 50x50cm and 35x35cm. You can choose how the water falls: the spray selections include rainfall, water blades and atomisation. The showerheads can be combined with wall-mounted spouts and adjustable wall-mounted mini showers to create your ideal environment. Gorgeous and good for you – the luxury shower line from Gessi will leave you feeling cleansed and so refreshed.

Z94150 Shower from Zucchetti Rubinetteria offers a slim profile which with a touch of luxury. The ceiling-mounted steel plate conceals both a relaxing rain and blade flow for a choice of luxurious shower. Alongside the rushing water, the Z94150 adds light and music for a complete shower experience. A simple light incorporates the benefits of color therapy, while a discrete speaker serenade you with either relaxing tunes or your favourite soundtrack. With an external keyboard, the light and music shower is easy to control.

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