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Tubbo, glamorous camping in your backyard

Martha Taylor Brown |
We all love to be outside and it becomes more and more popular to spend some time where there's no noise and car fumes. Tents were always a popular solution but there's something better: Tubbo.

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If you are about to go camping you have pretty much two solutions: your tent in some camping site or you go glamping, a perfect excuse to enjoy your time out where nature meets luxury. Some traditionalists would not describe glamping as real camping but it has its public that likes all amenities of their homes but in another, outdoor home. If you like that, or would like to spend the time outdoor with a bit more luxury than a usual tent offers, Spanish company Tubbo has something for you.

Their tubes for outdoor living are like small homes with a panoramic roof, large enough to put a king size bed in it, but small enough to put the whole Tubbo in your back garden if you want. It's a way to enjoy nature and the elements without having to experience the cold or the heat. And of course, without the need to sleep on the ground, have your stuff wet in a pouring rain, and without jumping over each other in a tent that's always too small.

Tubbo makes attractive structures with a 180º upward panoramic view of the exterior. The modular concept allows a quick and easy assembly, which makes it an ideal, cost-effective and attractive solution to shelter people from extreme weather conditions. They are made with glamping site owners in mind but we don't see any reason not to have it on your land if you have enough space. Tubbo rooms come in several different sizes and they are so well designed to fit any environment.

Tubbo has a 10-year warranty in Europe, while their FX lighting and heating systems have 2 years warranty. And you can choose from a number of additions to make your Tubbo really your own: butterfly doors, sun shades, fans, infrared heater, chimney pipe for your stove, audio speakers and even air conditions. So, everything you need for a real outdoor house, open to see the nature around you without obstacles is there for your utter comfort and style. Installation is easy, in one day, after which you may start to enjoy your surroundings in a totally different way.

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