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Turning your home into winter wonderland

Martha Taylor-Brown |
An essential part for every home during the fall and winter season, along a hot drink and favorite blanket, is the fireplace. They come in all shapes, forms and sizes and you can always find the one that fits your home perfectly.

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When thinking about a fireplace, we all have the same picture in mind: a square thing in the living room that keeps us warm and makes a nice atmosphere - but it doesn't have to be square! These days your fireplace can be in any shape of form you want. It can be incorporated into your overall design so you doesn't have to build your room around the fireplace, as is the case too often. Instead, you can choose the shape and where to put it when your room is done.

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of space, think about a fireplace that goes along the wall, all the way down. In this it would be practical to have a gas fireplace because it would be a bit awkward to line all those logs along the wall, not to mention cleaning of all that space. If you decide to go with that design, there's two things to have in mind: first, you can incorporate it into any design, and second, only your imagination is the limit. So, it's worth to think about this concept.

Want something unusual but still functional? Roll Fire fireplace by conmoto is the answer for your. You can roll this fireplace whenever you want and need it, and it won't be stuck to any wall thanks to its clever design. Its stainless steel tank makes it safe for use and it's completely transparent from both sides. It's easy to take it off and refill it with bioethanol thanks to magnets, and its sides are fire-resistant. This is a perfect piece for all of you who are into modern design but want a piece of something traditional like a fireplace.

While it is trendy to have a gas fireplace, we strongly suggest you take a look at a wooden fireplace. Yes, you must clean them, have wood stacked somewhere but that's not so hard and we believe nothing can compare with fire dance and its warmth coming from a traditional fireplace. Not to mention that it will make you more good to spend some time working around the fireplace instead of pressing a button on the remote control to start the fire. A nice wooden fireplace can turn any home into winter wonderland.

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