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Use that corner for a bit of luxury

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Corners are strange places: They are just sitting there, doing nothing. But we can turn them into a luxury part of the room and make it very functional.

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A corner vanity that includes a sink can easily be installed without any renovation and expensive work. This black and white piece works inside any bathroom and depending on your personal needs and the space you’re working with, this could be exactly what you need. You will save a lot of space, add functionality and the best thing is you can play with style and go in total harmony with the rest of the room or go totally different way and make a strong visual in your bathroom.

And if you really want a strong visual, go over the edge and step into the realm of French kings. Or Victorian era. Or any other era when too much was just enough. You will feel like a queen when you sit there after a warm shower and the best thing is you can put this piece in your bedroom to, depending on your habits. This piece is large, bordering with art, and it can be a piece of a king's castle in your home.

Corners are great for creating a working place too. Furniture for a home office are usually simple and functional and that's exactly what you need. A desk with a drawer, a simple chair, and you're good to go. If you need more space you can add a few simple shelves and don't forget that such a simple piece can be easily moved so if you choose to work in another room, just take it there and you will be good to go in a minute.

The beauty of corner redesign is that you can play with it and show your creativity without depending on things you can find in the store. Flea markets are your natural places to go if you want to create something by yourself and put together things that otherwise wouldn't be in a same room. And if you are ecologically savvy, this is the only way to go. In fact, there is only one thing you have to have in mind: dimensions of your corner. Your imagination will take care of everything else.

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