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Wonderful bedrooms just a creative spark away

Martha Taylor-Brown |
There are many bedroom styles out there, but some of them stand out because of one strong focal point that defines their look and feel.

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If you are into renovation, you don't have to go wide and far to find a good design idea, a brilliant one may be just a creative spark away. A simple idea is to play with the wall colors because those large area may change your room dramatically and change the overall feel just with the chosen shade. You can, for example, convert a classic white bedroom into something very interesting by adding just one piece of rustic furniture, painting the wall in some warm shade and add elements that connects those two. Done. Boring white turned to pleasant and comfort place.

However, you can stay at white color and go minimalist but in that case you need a strong focal point or the room will look sterile. And excellent idea by SUBU Design Architecture of California are large beams under the bed. Painted in white and arranged to give additional depth to the bedroom, these beams are so strong that, except the bed itself, there is no need for much details around. This is an example of Zen design applied to western materials: A great idea that proves that the simplest is very often the best.

Loft is the space where you simply must engage creativity if you want to use the space well. So, instead of classic "the bed below, shelves above" idea, Kia Designs of London, UK, came to the idea to place the bed on the drawer. The room is converted to something unexpected, the space is used to its maximum, and carefully chosen colors make this bedroom white and inviting. By the nature of things, there is a lot of natural light coming from above, and we got a place that's very hard to leave.

A bathroom in a bedroom? Well, we may think about this idea that way, too. Instead of color, wood or stone - all "natural" choices for bedroom walls, Contour Interior Design of Texas put tiles on the wall. All of them are of different style but fit perfectly together. Since they are different, they allow for many styles in the room: from a classic bed and furniture, to more eclectic choice of elements. Again: its looks like a simple idea but in fact that's the creative spark that separates good from great.

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