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Wood that makes your kitchen warm and inviting

Martha Taylor-Brown |
These days wood isn't the first thing that comes to mind when we think about materials in our kitchens. But, it can be easily incorporated in modern designs, it works well with new materials, and it will add warmth to any kitchen you put it in.

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Wood is the material of choice for a traditional house, when we want to emphasize the character of old times. Thanks to modern methods of production, we can choose among almost endless types of wood, each finished to be in any color you want and extremely durable. You can mix an old, rugged wooden piece with a strong character with a bit more modern wooden elements to get what we may call a "new traditional" look. Different colors and textures of different wood are working very nicely together.

The beauty of the wood is in its ability to incorporate well with other materials, from other wood to steel to glass. So, if you have a modern kitchen that needs renovation and want to make it warmer and more inviting, you should think about wooden elements. As is always the case, don't fall into an "everything the same" trap: Don't try to use wood on every element possible, add it to emphasize elements that add a visual value. For example, you can leave your modern walls and backsplash as they are, modern and bright, and use wood as a working surface or just for the tabletop.

If you incline to, let's put it that way, radical solutions - divide your kitchen into two. Let one part be completely modern, bright and with modern materials, and another almost a replica of a traditional house. Yes, it may seem a bit surprising, but that sharp cut between styles will definitively add a visual surprise to your kitchen and you will practically have two kitchens in one. Color contrast will create a strong visual point and modern and old materials are working together just fine.

But what if you like wood but not its natural color? In that case, the answer is - white. Get - or paint - wooden elements in white. That will make them blend into your bright walls, but the texture of the wood will still be visible and it will add a bit of a vintage feeling. In this design, a few wooden details in their natural form would complete the picture. A pair of chairs will be just fine to break that "everything white" style.

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