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Work in the comfort of your home: Amazing home office furniture ideas

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Functioning from home needs a correct workplace setup regardless of having just a small room or a corner to deal with, without a need to fill the room with bulky pieces of furniture.

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For a small home office a simple desk and a good chair is just enough. But simple doesn't have to be boring. If you choose a desk in two colors or two styles, you will make your space much more interesting. A combination of different styles has two main advantages: it's visually attractive, and it will fit in any design you have around it. When choosing a chair the main point is to choose something that's comfortable and after think about design. If not sure, choose a black chair and you have a small home office just like that.

Show the personality and uniqueness that makes working from home pleasant. Think about which color works best with your home style. Whether you are lucky enough to have a sunny office or you are stuck in a dark corner, incorporate a little life into your space. Plants can transform your workspace into a more peaceful and engaging place. Many office workers enjoy creating peaceful spaces so you too can green up your small home office into a cool-looking space.

The cubus writing desk transforms itself from an elegant dresser into a complete home office and then really shows what it has to offer. ​When closed, it looks like an ordinary chest of drawers, but the cabinet top pulls forward to reveal a wonderful luxurious contemporary writing desk with cutaways for laptop and peripheral storage. The desk base can be configured with drawers, doors and shelves or a combination of the two.

In terms of furniture and style, in a small home office, and if fact in any small house, much less is a lot more. So, if you think you don't have enough space to place even the smallest working desk, you would be wrong. You should think outside the box, the wall box to be more precise, because there is a product just for you. A box on the wall looking just like an ordinary storage space for small items but it expands into a quite good small office working place. An excellent idea that works in any space.