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Acer Q4 consolidated revenue NT$82.60 billion

Christian Fernsby |
Acer announced today its consolidated revenues for December 2020 at NT$28.36 billion, up 21.5% year-on-year (YoY).

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Significant consolidated revenue growths were shown in Q4'20 with NT$82.60 billion, up 34.1% YoY and 3.2% quarter-on-quarter, marking the highest quarter in six years; and in full year 2020 with NT$277.09 billion, up 18.3% or by 24.1% YoY measured in U.S. currency.

On the strategy to focus on industry bright spots, the respective businesses have yielded strong results with YoY revenue growth for:

Gaming line[1] by 43.9% in Q4, and by 30.5% full year 2020.

Chromebooks by 253.5% in Q4, and by 95.4% full year 2020.

Thin and light notebooks by 165.9% in Q4, and by 62.3% full year 2020.

Monitors by 38.9% in Q4, and by 21.3% in full year 2020.

Acer sees strong market demand continuing into the foreseeable future.

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