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Deutsche Bank 2017 net loss 735 million euros, will pay dividend

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In its audited results, Deutsche Bank reports a net loss for 2017 of EUR 735 million, versus a net loss of EUR 497 million reported in its preliminary and unaudited results published on February 2, 2018.

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Deutsche Bank noted that further analysis of deferred tax assets resulted in a valuation adjustment to the bank's DTAs in the UK, accounting for most of the difference between the bank's preliminary and final audited results.

In addition, the management board and supervisory board will propose a dividend of 11 cents per share to the Annual General Meeting and confirm payment of AT1 coupons.

Deutsche Bank also stated that it remain committed to its objective of delivering a net profit and a competitive dividend payout for 2018.

Deutsche Bank' number of employees (full-time equivalent) decreased in 2017 by 2,209 or 2.2 percent to 97,535.

According to the annual report, total amount of year-end performance-based variable compensation for 2017 total EUR 2.2 billion.

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