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Pfizer Q1 revenues increased 20% to $13 billion

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Pfizer reported financial results for first-quarter 2016. Reported revenues totaled $13 billion, an increase of $2.1 billion, or 20%.

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This reflects operational growth of $2.9 billion, or 26%, partially offset by the unfavorable impact of foreign exchange of $729 million, or 7%.

On September 3, 2015, Pfizer acquired Hospira. Consequently, first-quarter 2016 financial results include three months of legacy Hospira global operations while first-quarter 2015 financial results do not include any contribution from legacy Hospira operations.

Excluding the impact of legacy Hospira operations of $1.2 billion and foreign exchange, Pfizer-standalone revenues increased by $1.7 billion operationally, or 15%.

Compared with the prior-year quarter, first-quarter 2016 revenues were favorably impacted by approximately $900 million as a result of first-quarter 2016 having five additional selling days in the U.S. and four additional selling days in international markets.

This imbalance in selling days will be offset in fourth-quarter 2016 resulting in essentially the same number of selling days in full-year 2016 as 2015.

Operational revenue growth in developed markets was driven primarily by the inclusion of $1.1 billion of revenues from legacy Hospira operations and continued strong performance of several key products, notably Ibrance, Prevnar 13, Eliquis, Xeljanz and Lyrica -- all primarily in the U.S.

In emerging markets, revenues increased 14% operationally, favorably impacted by the addition of legacy Hospira operations, which contributed $78 million, as well as the performance of Enbrel, Prevenar 13 and continued strong volume growth from certain other products.

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