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Roche sales increased 5% to CHF 48.1 billion

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In 2015, Roche group sales increased by 5% to CHF 48.1 billion, driven primarily by pharmaceutical sales in the U.S. and demand for immunodiagnostic products.

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In the Pharmaceuticals Division, sales rose 5% to CHF 37.3 billion. The increase was driven by the oncology portfolio (+8%), led by the HER2 medicines and Avastin.

Sales of the immunology franchise grew by 24%, driven by the strong uptake of Esbriet, a new medicine for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, as well as higher sales of Actemra/RoActemra and Xolair.

Sales of Pegasys declined due to competition from a new generation of treatments, while Valcyte/Cymevene and Xeloda faced generic competition as expected.

All regions contributed to the sales growth, with particularly strong performance in the US (+6%) and in Europe (+4%), which was driven by strong demand for the HER2 medicines along with strong uptake of Esbriet.

Growth in the International region3 (+5%) was driven by key markets including Brazil (+10%) and China (+4%). In Japan, sales grew by 6%, driven by Avastin, the HER2 franchise and the new lung cancer medicine Alecensa.

In Diagnostics, sales grew 6% to CHF 10.8 billion, with Asia-Pacific (+15%) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA, +4%) as the main contributors. Sales were up in Latin America (+11%) and in North America (+3%), whilst sales in Japan were stable.

The major growth driver was Professional Diagnostics, which grew by 8%. Sales in Molecular Diagnostics and Tissue Diagnostics increased 10% and 12% respectively.

Diabetes Care sales decreased 3% due to continuing challenging market conditions, especially in the US.

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