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Ryanair Q2 loss 272.6 million euros

Christian Fernsby |
Ryanair reported that its first quarter loss attributable to equity holders of parent widened to 272.6 million euros or 0.2416 euros per share from 185.1 million euros or 0.1699 euros per share in the prior year.

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Total operating revenues for the first quarter grew to 370.5 million euros from 125.2 million euros last year.

Scheduled revenues increased 91% to 192 million euros due to a 7.6 million increase in traffic.

The company now expects traffic to rise from more than 5 million passengers in June to almost 9 million passengers in July, and over 10 million passengers in August, as long as there are no further Covid setbacks in Europe.

The company now expects fiscal year 2022 traffic to be in the range of 90 million passengers to 100 million passengers. Previously, it expected traffic at the lower end of an 80 million to 120 million passenger range.

The company projects that the likely outcome for fiscal year 2022 is somewhere between a small loss and breakeven.

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