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Austria sees 2.6 percent unemployment rate drop in April

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The Austrian unemployment saw a renewed year-on-year drop of 2.6 percent in April to 413,683 people without work, local media reported.

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The new figures from the Social Affairs Ministry show a considerable 41.1 percent increase in the number of registered available jobs compared with April 2016.

Also notable was a 16.1 percent year-on-year drop in youth unemployment, along with a drop in the jobless figures for foreign nationals of 2 percent, that goes against a long-standing trend in the opposite direction.

Still a problem area however was unemployment for persons aged 50 and over, their numbers increasing 4.9 percent to 102,520.

Social Affairs Minister Alois Stoeger said what had been achieved with regard to youth unemployment could also be achieved in the 50-and-over bracket.

He indicated that preparations for the implementation of the "Action 20,000" government initiative to create 20,000 jobs a year for the latter segment of the population are running well.