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Bulgaria current account surplus grows in June

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Bulgaria's current account surplus increased notably in June from a year ago, preliminary figures from the Bulgarian National Bank showed.

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The current account surplus rose to EUR 562.8 million in June from EUR 100.3 million in the corresponding month last year.

The deficit on goods trade narrowed to EUR 55.5 million in June from EUR 115.1 million a year earlier. At the same time, the services trade surplus shrank to EUR 328.7 million from EUR 368.4 million.

The primary income balance showed a deficit of EUR 144.0 million in June, down from EUR 304.4 million shortfall in June 2015. Meanwhile, the secondary income surplus climbed to EUR 433.7 million from EUR 151.4 million.

The capital account surplus grew to EUR 141.3 million from EUR 71.3 million. The financial account surplus climbed markedly from EUR 46.0 million to EUR 681.4 million.

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