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Decrease in handled goods in ports in Portugal

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In the 2nd quarter 2016, goods handled in ports of Portugal declined by 1.0%, in contrast with the increases recorded in the previous quarters (+2.7% in the 4th Q 2015 and +3.9% in the 1st Q 2016).

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In railway mode, goods transported declined by 4.1% in tonnes but have increased by 3.9% in tonnes-kilometer (-7.3% and -2.0% in the 1st quarter 2016, in the same order).

In national airports, a 1.5% reduction in the movement of cargo and mail was recorded, yet below the declines presented in the preceding quarters (-8.0% in the 4th Q 2015 and -4.9% in the 1st Q 2016). In the quarter under analysis, the weight of goods transported by road declined (-1.7%) due to domestic transport (-2.8%).

The international road transport kept the growing trend previously recorded (+4.3%) although at a slower pace compared with the preceding quarter (+7.5%).

Air transport mode continues to record steep increases, corresponding to increases in the quarter under analysis of 12.3% and 11.2% respectively in the movement of landed aircraft and passengers.

Likewise, the transport of passengers kept increasing in heavy railway systems and in light railway systems (+2.1% and +10.1% respectively).

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