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Economic confidence index in Turkey increased 9.5%

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Economic confidence index in Turkey increased by 9.5% compared to previous month increasing from 71.46 to 78.27 in March.

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This increase in economic confidence index stemmed from the increases in services, retail trade and consumer confidence indices.

Services confidence index increasing by 4.8% rose to 93.50 in March. Retail trade confidence index increasing by 4.1% became 110.51. Consumer confidence index increasing by 0.5% compared to February, rose to 67 in March.

Real sector confidence index dropped by 1% decreasing from 105.20 to 104.10. Construction confidence index decreased by 1.7% and became 81.43.

In Turkey, house sales increased by 7% in February 2016 compared to the same month of the previous year and hence, became 101 703.

For the house sales of February 2016, Istanbul had the highest share (17.8%) of house sales with 18 142 sold house. The followers of Istanbul were Ankara with 10_694 (10.5%) house sales and İzmir 6 480 (6.4%) house sales.

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