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Fuel prices in Italy down, fruit up in 2015

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Fuel and electronic goods prices fell while fruit and vegetable prices rose in 2015, according to research by CGIA Mestre, which represents small and medium-sized businesses.

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The report pointed to steep drops in prices for methane gas (-17.8%), car diesel fuel (-12.3%), heating gas (-11.8%), computers and tablets (-11.7%), cell phones (-10.1%), and car petrol (-9,8%).

At the same time, drought on the production end drove up the prices of oranges (+10.8%), vegetables (+9,7%), berries (+8.9%), other citrus fruits (+7.4%) and olive oil (+6.1%). Families spent more on fruits and vegetables (an average of 97.40 euros a month) than on meat (97.20 euros a month).

This was due to summer heat, and healthier Italian eating habits, with spending on animal protein falling steadily since 2011, the CGIA report said. However speculation by intermediaries in a highly fragmented distribution system also drove prices up 500% in some cases, CGIA said.

Prices this year fell in three out of 12 spending sectors, according to the CGIA Mestre report.

Transportation prices fell 2.6%, communications fell 1.3%, and the aggregate of housing, electricity and fuel fell 0.9%.

Hotel and restaurant prices added 1.2%, education rose 1.8%, and alcohol and tobacco rose 2.7%, the report said.

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