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Indonesia's export reaches $11.64 billion in June

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Export of products from Indonesia was recorded at $11.64 billion in June, the national statistics bureau announced.

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That compares with 12.92 billion shipment of the products overseas in June of last year.

The cumulative exports by June grew 14.04 percent to $79.96 billion from a year earlier, head of the bureau Kecuk Suhariyanto told a press conference at the bureau headquarters.

Experts have said that a seasonal factor of shorter working day and a trend of lower commodities' prices have contributed to the decline of shipment of Indonesia's products overseas in June.

Indonesia is the world's biggest exporter of thermal coal, crude palm oil, and the world's third largest exporter of cocoa and rubber, as well as home to the world's second-biggest copper mine.

On import, it reached $10.01 billion in June compared with $12.02 billion in the same period last year, Suhariyanto disclosed.

Cumulative imports by June were down 9.60 percent to $72.33 billion from a year ago, he revealed.

Indonesia's trade performance witnessed a $1.63-billion-U.S. dollar surplus in June, Suhariyanto said.

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