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Inflation in Peru to take longer to fall back to target

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Peru's central bank said that it now expects inflation to take longer to cool back to its target level.

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It described a more positive growth outlook, with a projected year-on-year expansion of nearly 4 percent in the first quarter.

The annual inflation rate, now at a four-year high of 4.6 percent, will likely reach its 3 percent target ceiling between the end of this year and the start of 2017 instead of by year-end as previously forecast, said the central bank's chief economist, Adrian Armas.

However, the rise in consumer prices this month will likely be under January's 0.37 percent increase and the annual inflation rate could start to slow in the second quarter if factors such as unusual weather subside, Armas said.

"We're watching El Nino and how it might affect food prices in coming months," he told reporters on a conference call. "We should be able to see a slowing trend more clearly in the second quarter."

The central bank has raised the interest rate by 1 percentage point since September and warned after its third consecutive hike on Thursday that rising inflation expectations threatened to trigger a feedback loop of quickening prices.

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