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Serbia: 2021 GDP growth to be 6 pct, wages, pensions to rise

Christian Fernsby |
Serbia has budget space for growth of wages and pensions, says Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, adding that the national GDP is expected to rise 6 pct next year.

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“We are fighting for high growth rates of our economy,” Mali told Kurir TV late on Tuesday.

He said the 2021 budget would envision a public sector wage increase, a pension increase and a minimum wage increase of 6.6 pct.

“The 2021 budget is one of the key budgets for us because of the biggest-ever global crisis, caused by the pandemic in 2020. We have reacted by providing assistance worth 5.8 bln euros, and the state has taken the brunt of the crisis upon itself,” Mali said.

Everyone will get a 5 pct wage increase from April 1, which no other country is capable of doing in these circumstances, he said.

“For next year, we predict GDP growth of 6 pct, a deficit that is under control at around 3 pct of the budget, and we will maintain full macroeconomic control, in line with the Maastricht criteria,” Mali noted.

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