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UK economy surged 16% between July and September, highest rise ever recorded

Christian Fernsby |
The UK economy grew by 16 per cent between July and September after coronavirus lockdown rules were eased but GDP was still almost nine per cent below where it was at the end of 2019.

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The 16 per cent increase in the third quarter of the year represents the largest quarterly expansion in the UK economy ever recorded by the Office for National Statistics since records began in 1955.

The latest ONS data reveals there was a cumulative fall in GDP in the first half of 2020 of 21.2 per cent as the national shutdown from March hammered UK PLC.

The British economy shrunk by three per cent in the first quarter between January and March as the nation felt the first effects of the pandemic.

But that was followed by a fall of 18.8 per cent in the second quarter between April and June as draconian curbs hit hard.

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