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U.S. economic confidence index improves

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Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index averaged -11 for the week ending December 6, similar to the previous week's score of -12.

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The current score is on the higher end of the -11 to -15 range Gallup has found since September, after one-point improvements in each of the past two weeks.

Americans' confidence in the economy was higher at the dawn of the year, as most weekly confidence index readings were positive between January and March. By spring, however, confidence had waned, and became decidedly more negative by summer.

Index scores have languished within a narrow range ever since, and have nearly flat-lined in recent months - 10 of the previous 11 scores were -12 or -13; the exception was a -15 measured in late October.

Though still negative overall, current confidence levels are much better than they were for most of 2008 to 2012.

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