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Become a freak with a spoon

Bernice Clark |
The way you eat in great measure have great influence on your health. There's no such thing like a healthy diet.

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Every diet forbids some of ingredients. For good functioning, your organism needs every ingredient, even fats and sweets. The food pyramid shows what quantity of each ingredient must be present in your nourishment. Here, we will try to give you a few advices and some examples. Mediterranean countries have fewer problems with fatness because of its ancient traditional kitchen, which contains fish, pasta, fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, and that all is a good base that doesn't make you fat.

France has long tradition of proper nourishment and we can freely say that they have rules of eating. They eat little of everything on the plate and at the end of the lunch they drink a glass of wine. We can say that they respect a food. Italians, for example, eat a plate of pasta before lunch. This is their tradition. We Croatians like to cook and this is a part of our tradition. Eating cooked meal is very important for the health. One thing that is almost as important as what you're eating is that you eat at the table, eat slowly and chew well.

Why is that so important? Because when you are at work, you work, and when you are in gym, you exercise... If you do those things without mixing them with another, try eating without doing other things. Eat with concentration, without rush and chew food properly. When you're chewing the food properly your stomach will have fewer problems with digestion and at the same time it will "think" that you eat more food that you actually eat. That way you will trick your stomach and it will be "happy" for longer time that it would be if you eat fast.

If you wish to lose weight you must be prepared to change your habits. It will be hard in the beginning but if you persist for two weeks, after that it will be easier. What can you do? For the start, eat cooked meal.

If you don't know how to cook look for recipes on the internet. Chose simple recipes, not the ones that need long preparation with spices you haven't or even understand. Remains that you can’t eat today freeze and eat some other day. That way you don't need to cook every day, but you will eat cooked hot meal every day. Take the meal with you in the office and eat it during your lunch brake. Will associates look strange at you and call you a freak? Who cares? Every wonder is nine day's wonder. After few months you will become the good-looking freak. They lose.

Start the day with the fruits. For lunch eat whatever you want but eat in the small portions. Just for example, one little steak, two spoons of mash-potatoes, two spoons of some vegetables, one piece of bread and salad as you wish (without dressing). If you wish to eat one piece of cake after lunch, remove the bred.

When we are talking about proper eating, what you eat is smaller problem; the bigger one is how often you eat and how much you eat. If you are overweigh, reducing the portions will cause a feel of hunger at first, but after some time your stomach will have a habit and you'll start to lose weight.

On the other side, very important thing is drinking water. Physicians recommend at least eight glasses a day. Do it. For the supper eat something that you can put in a small plate. Choose whatever you want.