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Brazil reports over 30,000 new cases of coronavirus

Christian Fernsby |
the brazilian government reported tuesday 32,058 new cases and 863 more deaths from coronavirus in the last day, more than double the cases registered on monday.

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According to the Ministry of Health, 4,777,522 cases have so far been reported nationwide with the death toll standing at 142,921.

The state of Sao Paulo, the most populated in the country, has been the most affected by the disease, with 979,519 cases and 35,391 deaths, followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 263,699 cases and 18,388 deaths.

Authorities have expressed concern over the state of Rio de Janeiro in particular, as it has seen a steady increase in both cases and deaths.

In Rio de Janeiro on Monday, the occupancy of beds in intensive care units in the city's hospitals was reported to be close to 80 percent, a figure that is considered critical.

In addition to Rio de Janeiro, the other two states with a critical level of hospital-bed occupancy are Amazonas and Rio Grande do Norte, according to the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

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