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NEWLY REPORTED COVID-19 CASES IN LAST 24 HOURS (6.14.2021, 10:56am CEST, WHO):   U.S. 11,678    India 80,834    Brazil 78,700    France 3,604    Turkey 6,076    Russia 14,723    The United Kingdom 7,550    Italy 1,722    Argentina 18,057    Columbia 29,998    Germany 1,489    Iran 8,195    Mexico 3,649    Peru 3,003    Indonesia 9,868    South Africa 9,319    The Netherlands 1,265    Chile 7,481    Canada 1,290    Philippines 7,302    Iraq 3,952    Pakistan 1,239    Bangladesh 2,436    Japan 1,409    Malaysia 5,304    Nepal 1,649    United Arab Emirates 1,969    Saudi Arabia 1,017    Ecuador 1,813    Bolivia 2,056    Paraguay 1,963    Tunisia 1,861    Uruguay 2,986    Kuwait 1,512    Guatemala 2,395    Venezuela 1,489    Honduras 1,379    Oman 1,482    Sri Lanka 2,361    Thailand 2,804    Cuba 1,470    Zambia 2,358    Afghanistan 1,597    Mongolia 2,188    Namibia 1,399    Uganda 1,735    China 198    Singapore 13    New Zealand 1    Australia 11    South Korea 399   

E-cigarettes: Vaping-related lung illnesses in U.S. soar to 805 cases in 46 states

Christian Fernsby |
CDC said that at least 805 people in 46 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands have fallen sick with mysterious vaping-related lung injuries.

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Twelve deaths have been confirmed in 10 states: California (two), Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas (two), Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Oregon.

In testimony before House panels this week, a top official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that Thursday’s update would include hundreds more cases associated with e-cigarettes or vaping on top of the 530 previously confirmed.

Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s principal deputy director, said no single e-cigarette or vaping product, brand or specific substance has been definitively linked to the outbreak. Tracking down the culprit or culprits has been challenging, she said. Patients have used many kinds of products with a wide array of ingredients, and some may have been mixed with potentially illicit substances, such as marijuana.

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