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NEWLY REPORTED COVID-19 CASES IN LAST 24h (2.26.2021, 10:15am CET, WHO):   U.S. 73,477    India 16,577    Brazil 66,588    Russia 11,198    The United Kingdom 9,938    France 30,665    Spain 3,809    Italy 16,402    Turkey 9,561    Germany 11,869    Columbia 3,953    Argentina 7,363    Mexico 8,642    Poland 12,143    Iran 8,206    South Africa 1,862    Ukraine 8,147    Indonesia 8,493    Peru 7,302    Czechia 13,816    The Netherlands 4,420    Canada 2,857    Chile 4,472    Portugal 1,480    Romania 3,337    Iraq 4,074    Sweden 5,360    Pakistan 1,361    Philippines 2,260    Austria 2,190    Serbia 3,460    Hungary 4,385    United Arab Emirates 3,025    Jordan 3,827    Lebanon 3,469    Slovakia 2,438    Malaysia 1,924    Belarus 1,279    Bolivia 1,339    Bulgaria 1,733    Palestine 2,100    Kuwait 1,019    Slovenia 1,089    Greece 1,903    Moldova 1,610    Paraguay 1,114    Albania 1,021    Estonia 1,152    China 24    Singapore 10    New Zealand 3    Australia 8    South Korea 406   

Florida, Texas, other U.S. states post daily coronavirus records

Christian Fernsby |
Florida and Texas reported new single-day record increases in confirmed coronavirus cases on Saturday, with nearly 20,000 additional infections combined.

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For a second straight day, Texas also registered an all-time high in the number of people hospitalised with the highly contagious respiratory illness 7,890 patients after 238 new admissions over the past 24 hours.

By comparison, New York state the U.S. epicentre of the outbreak months ago, reported just 844 hospitalisations on Saturday.

That is far below the nearly 19,000 hospital beds occupied by coronavirus patients at the peak of its coronavirus crisis.

During the first four days of July alone, a total of 14 states posted daily record increases in the number of individuals testing positive for coronavirus, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus that has killed nearly 130,000 Americans.

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