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One in ten people at work in Denmark on medication

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A large proportion of people working in Denmark take medicine daily to help them cope with the strain of work and everyday life, according to a study.

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The analysis was carried out by the Epinion institute on behalf of trade union LO and reported by newspaper Politiken.

In the survey, 5,819 people were asked how often they take medicine to help with their metal well-being. 14 percent answered that they take medication daily or weekly.

The survey also asked 3,360 people, who were either in employment, on sick leave or receiving unemployment welfare payments, whether they had taken sick leave from work during the last 12 months due to stress, burn-out or similar complaints.

Of those, 18 percent responded that they had taken sick leave due to stress-related symptoms.

The statistics take into account both academics and unskilled workers, writes Politiken.

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