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Peru poised to overtake Italy, Spain in coronavirus cases

Christian Fernsby |
Peru's confirmed coronavirus cases surpassed 200,000 Tuesday, according to its health ministry, putting it behind Brazil in South America.

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Peru reported 167 new deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, according to health officials.

The death toll climbed to 5,738, while the number of confirmed cases rose by 4,040 to 203,736.

The country reported its first case on March 6 and its first death on March 20.

Italy has registered over 235,500 cases to date, while Spain’s numbers have neared 242,000.

Brazil continues to be the COVID-19 epicenter of South America and the Caribbean with nearly 710,000 cases and over 37,100 deaths.

Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile are the countries worst-hit by the coronavirus in the region with the highest number of infections and deaths.

Over the weekend, each of these countries reported record numbers at a time when the pandemic is slowing down everywhere else in the world.

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